EPA Employees Pooping In Hallways

The EPA is having a bad week.

On Monday SCOTUS spanked both Obama and the agency for exceeding their power. “An agency has no power to ‘tailor’ legislation to bureaucratic policy goals by rewriting unambiguous statutory terms,” the court said.

Killing half the energy production of the USA in the name of false science is business as usual at the rogue agency.

So it seems kinda fitting and proper that EPA employees are pooping in the hallways and sabotaging toilets at work.  After all, their utility bills are taking a hit too.

EPA Administrator Howard Cantor sent out an email describing "several incidents" of toilets clogged with paper towels and other vandalism. And that an "individual" was "placing feces in the hallway."

So what does a giant federal bureaucracy do to stop a hallway pooper? Hire a six-figure consultant of course; a "national expert" in "workplace violence."

Problem solved, laughing...