Positive Pregnancy Tests Sold Online

Unscrupulous sellers and buyers are engaged in a tawdry practice men should become aware of, and fast...  There are predatory women willing to hunt, corner, trap, and trick men into matrimony.  And there are pregnant women happy to help them out.

One Dallas mom who refused to identify herself put her positive pregnancy tests for sale online admitting: 'ninety-five percent of the girls just want to lie to get a man.'

The lubricious ladies should, however, be advised .  If men uncover the deception, they can easily get out of any marriage or marriage promise based on fraud. 

And suppose one of these feeble femme fatales decides to go swallow the entire enchilada and use the test to blackmail a married cuckold?  Well, that's full blown blackmail, a federal crime punishable by a long term stay with grizzly Griselda the prisoner scaring even the male guards.