Media Liberals Morose, Maudlin, Mawkish And Mourning

The founders wanted a ferocious press.  Why?
- Protect Citizens.  Money, power, bigotry or intimidation must play no role in news reporting.

- Watchdog.  Expose crime and corruption. The public interest over politics.

- Dig deep.  The press must expose and pursue truth.

But suppose the press fails to perform?   

The Obama leg-humping press has given the Obama regime a free reign to lie, scheme, manipulate, threaten and intimidate.  The result is an ever ignored liberal media.

And guess who's upset about it?  Liberal journalists themselves.  Compared to 1971 (the Watergate era), 49% of journalists said they were 'very satisfied' with their job.  Now, after five years of Obama failure only 23% can say they like their jobs.   

A full 59% of 'journalists' say their careers are going in the 'wrong direction.'  Anyone feel sorry for them?