FBI: Gangs Cause 50-90% Of All Crime

The Democrats get everything backward and even insist on being wrong.  Recent examples include Obamacare, appeasement of Putin, global warming, and the really giant-big boner - gun control.

Even Benghazi Hillary started spitting on gun owners yesterday.  She freaked out the left-wingers in the press because they know the public wants gun control goons to keep their grimy mitts off the 2nd amendment.

The truth is much simpler.  Gun violence is the result of illegal guns, and criminals who get and use them despite the complex and overbearing system law-abiding citizens must endure. 

The FBI 2011 National Gang Assessment provides hard evidence that between 50 and 90 percent of all crime is gang related.  Within those grim statistics are the bulk of firearm crimes.

The dishonesty and dysfunction comes from liberals who see a bigger problem with gun rights than a derived right to kill kids in the womb.  The regressives can't solve gang violence, so they pick on innocent people who choose to own guns for sport and self-defense.

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