Himalayan Glaciers Growing

Obama is crippling US energy and wiping out jobs in the name of global warming.

Did we mention Barry's daughter Malia is in Mexico on a spring break by herself partying on two government jets with 25 secret service staff and 12 personal friends?  Cricket sound...

Obama didn't read the NASA satellite survey showing heat escaping into space nullifying climate alarmist models.

And no doubt Obama will skip the new study just released showing Himalayan glaciers - for years one of the poster kids of the "man-made global warming is real and we're all doomed" movement - are in no imminent danger.

The study found that just 12% of the glaciers had any measurable melt at all, the rest are stable and even growing.  Remember, the UN IPCC in 2007 said the Himalayan glaciers could disappear 'by 2035.'

We will wait to see if the IPCC retracts the false claim.  But then again, don't hold your breath.

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