Ice Cream Truck Tune Tagged Racist

Obama started the race 'thang' to get elected in 2008.   Since then, the race card has morphed into a full fledged Black Scare that's taken root like the Red Scare did in the 1950s.

Now we all live under fear of saying something wrong.  But did you think the absurdity would touch your kid's ice cream?

A DC writer says he was researching racial stereotypes one day when he discovered that the tune played on ice cream trucks is based on an old minstrel song from the 19th century. 

The title of the song was, 'Nigger Love A Watermelon Ha! Ha! Ha!'

The author admits the original melody came from Britain entitled 'The Old Rose Tree.'  But insists the tune has been tainted because it was used by black-face minstrel shows and imbued with horrific race-based lyrics that by today's standards would get you imprisoned or worse...

The tune... *Warning, you'll be haunted for days.

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