Godzilla Water Tower Beats Hoover Dam

Electricity generation is a big deal.  The fuel to make the energy starts with coal as king, then nukes, then hydro, and way way down the list at under 1.5% of product is solar and wind.

And since Obama wants to kill coal.  You do the math on electricity costs.

The green goons waste taxpayer cast subsidizing species killing wind turbines, and unaffordable solar power and mutter their hatred for nukes and hydro too.

But hope and change may be on the way.  A hybrid alternative energy idea is taking shape in the desert in Arizona. The 'Solar Wind Energy Tower' will half a mile (2250 feet) high and generate as much power as the Hoover Dam.

The tower's cost will be a hefty $1.5 billion bucks. Which explains why no one has made one yet.

The idea is pretty simple. Water is pumped to the top of the tower using energy the tower itself generates. The water is dumped into hot air downdrafts inside the tower creating a 50 mph down force great enough to spin 120 turbines which in turn spin generators.

The sexy part?  Unlike solar and wind, the tower can make electricity 24hrs a day and do it without squirting C02 or shredding golden eagles.   Maybe Disney can put a water slide inside and justify an investment cause it doesn't look like Obama is ready for another try at venture capitalism.