Cops Corner 11-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand

Each year San Francisco stages the running-sore known as the Bay-To-Breakers.  But the debacle is locally known as the Bare-To-Breakers.

The cities hedonists get high, pee and poop in the streets, and dare the cops to do anything about it.  A few get arrested, a lot get cited, but one little girl who thought she would hand out lemonade and brownies got shutdown entirely.

The cops quickly surrounded the little girl while the naked and sweating paraded nearby.

That's when the Barney's threatened the child with a $1,500 fine.  Why?  Because the uniformed patrol said her stand was unfair to licensed commercial drinkeries like Starbucks and Dairy Queen.

Apparently the SF gendarmery are unable to tell the difference between a real public nuisances and a lemonade stand girl'd by a child giving away goodies.  SFPD Sgt Troy Dangerfield insists, "Just because they're kids doesn't mean they should get a free pass, you know?"

Well, there it is...Barney Fife is back on the job at the SFPD...