Obama Wants Global Warming Resistant Farm Animals

The Obama regime is hellbent on jamming global warming down the country's collective throat.

Ranging from billions wasted on bankrupt solar companies to the wholesale slaughter of bald eagles sliced up by windmills to blocking the job making Keystone pipeline Barry's own state department says is swell, the outrage continues...

But did you think Ofail would fund African trips to find 'climate change resistant' farm animals?

A crack team of researchers from the University of Delaware traveled to Africa to do just that, and all of it on taxpayer dime.   The researchers claimed to be in the vanguard of food scientists racing (like a nutritionist NASCAR event) to get new breeds of farm animals able to stand up to the horrific effects of alleged global warming.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack (aka Tom Nutsack) says, 'we are dealing with the challenge of difficult weather conditions at the same time we have to massively increase food production.'  A tame way of saying global warming is real and somehow the warming and extra rain will kill crops?  Huh?

Are we looking for chickens with humps like camels?  Or are we just witnessing massive crippling debt blown on goose chases to feed the orgasmic fantasies of the green mafia?

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