Racist: UC Davis Blocks Cinco de Drinko Party

The PC Nazis struck hard and fast on the UC Davis campus in California when they got wind of a giant pre-Cinco-de-Mayo fest planned for yesterday.  Ya know, because the blowout was being called Cinco de Drinko and that's, well ya know, 'racially insensitive.'

The race Gestapo are just coming off a blood-orgy last week over the illegal 'racist rant' tape made public by Don Sterling's Mexican slut girlfriend.

So don't let anyone screw with the made up holiday not even Mexico celebrates.  You did know Cinco De Mayo was invented by beer and liquor companies as an excuse to peddle extra quantities of libation during a lull in the holiday season before summer arrives, right?

Adela de la Torre, vice chancellor of student affairs, said an investigation has been launched aimed at slapping internal sanctions on the students behind the party.   Seriously, Adela?  How about slapping deportation on illegal aliens sneaking into classes at the school?

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