Gun Control For Dummies

The gun owners versus gun haters non shooting war pits the usual suspects against no less than  the US constitution.

Gun grabbing goons contend the clearly written right to own guns is more insidious than the derived right to abort a kid.  Nonsense.

An attack on gun rights is an attack on all rights, of course.

So who's telling the truth and who's just pounding sand and spitting into the wind?

Ponder these stats from 2008:
  • Guns used in self-defense 2.5 million times during the year. Why if cops are enough?
  • 200,000 women used a firearm to prevent being raped and worse...
  • Armed citizens killed more killers than did the cops (1,527 v 606)
  • States passing CCW laws in 2008 saw crime rate drops for murder 8.5% and rape 5%
  • Anyone in Vermont can own a gun.  Vermont is the safest state in the USA.
  • Florida passed CCW in 1987.  The murder rate dropped from 1st to 41st
  • Cities with strict gun control like DC and Chicago have the nations highest murder rates
  • Felons say known gun owners are avoided

Can a list of cold statistics prove guns protect people and save innocent life?   Well, ya.

But the salient point remains - guns are a right.  And every deception, diversion, device or duplicitous distortion will not succeed in diminishing or deleting that right.

Next time a gun grabber gets in your face pull out your copy of the Bill of Rights and quiz - do ya feel lucky punk?  Well, do ya?

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