113 Year Old Woman Weds 70 Year Old Boy Toy

The whole thing started when the diminutive centenarian handed some of her senior center food to the seventy year old youngster ogling her from across the table.

Six month later and more detail would be way too much information the 'kid' having repeated his proposal of marriage a half dozen times finally got her to say yes - before it was too late.

Bride Azatihan Sawuti said Wǒ zhèyàng zuò ('I Do') to Aimti Ahemti in a ceremony in Xinjiang province last week.  Now the pair can be seen walking arm and arm in what appears to be a marriage that may just go the distance.

The striking thing?  She doesn't look a day over ninety.

Azatihan kept refusing Aimti's advances because she 'felt ashamed to get married at such an old age.'   But Aimti knew what he wanted and didn't wanna take a chance losing her to one of the other ninety year olds.  'I started to chase her, like a young man,' the gushing groom confessed.

Just imagine, if the two had met sixty years ago, she'd be fifty-three and he's still be wetting the bed at ten.

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