School Pay To Potty Policy Peeves Parents

Merchon Ortega says her daughter soiled herself when her teacher refused to let her go pee.

Merchon says, 'She (her daughter) chose not to pay to use the restroom and she had to go so bad, she said it hurt so bad that she just couldn't hold it anymore. She urinated on herself.'

So what's going on?

The 'teacher' runs a reward scam at Mill Plain Elementary in Vancouver. Her students earn fake money to be spent at a class auction at the end of the year. Soon added to the counterfeit scheme were bathroom breaks. The apparent motive was to make kids 'earn' their potty breaks allegedly to cut back on disrupting the class.

The school is defending the teacher. Wonder how long it takes for California copy the Canadian example?

Betcha the pay-for-pee program would be history if teachers and administrators had to play!

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