American Girl Stops Making Black And Asian Dolls

The race fascist are everywhere watching, waiting, ready to pounce on anyone for even THINKING in a way they judge unacceptable.

So when the popular doll making company American Girl stopped making the small selling black and Asian versions the race goblins rolled out from under their rocks and buried them with bitching.

The company said on Facebook, “Soon, we’ll say farewell to Marie-Grace, Cécile, Ruthi and Ivy...Complete your collection while supplies last—quantities are extremely limited.”

The problem?  Cécile is a black doll, and Ivy a generic Asian doll.  And the really fun part is how the little black doll looks more like a buck-toothed Hungarian farm girl who fell into a mud puddle than a kid playing in the streets of Detroit.   We won't comment on the Cossack looking Asian doll...

American Girl has more than twenty-three million dolls in the wild. Looks like the PC crowd is gonna have to keep on them 'till they cave, you know, like they always do...

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