Student Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Rallies

Britain is way ahead of the USA in regard to decline; fraught with left-wing fascism and disdain for human life.  Britain today is almost like Nazi Germany, almost...

Cardiff University Students' Union wanted to ban pro-life demonstrations on campus despite pushback from Islamic, Catholic and Pro-Life societies, and some pro-abortion students.

The pro-abortion goons held a secret ballot and faild because they lacked the proper numbers in attendance.  Ironically, not because the majority in the room didn't want to bring the ban. The attempt crashed in essence because they didn't give sufficient notice to those they knew wouldn't agree with them.

Neil Addison, a lawyer specializing in religious freedom, said that students should take the union and university to court and apply for an injunction if the motion passes on a next try.

Addison said "This is another demonstration of the increasing tendency of student unions to adopt intolerant and totalitarian policies against views with which certain groups disagree. Universities should be bulwarks of free speech and debate but instead they are becoming increasingly intolerant and closed-minded."

How long before this comes to US shores? Not long the Angle bets.