Nevada's Fight To Name Mountain After Ronald Reagan

The federal government controls 90% of the land in Nevada.

Nevada is ground zero this week for yet another standoff between a Democrat run overbearing, forceful, armed federal government and the last rancher left in Clark County.  If the feds open fire on people in Bunkerville, NV over a phony land dispute, they can open fire on anyone for virtually anything.  So, stand by.

Nevada is home to Harry Reid and Dina Titus.  Both Democrats who've worked a scorched earth across the American landscape in the name of party politics.

So would it be a surprise to learn Harry Reid got a deal with the BLM to move turtles away from his land deals?  And that Dina Titus blocked effort to get a mountain named after the greatest president to yet sit in the oval office - Ronald Wilson Reagan?

Nevada's Chuck Muth of Citizen Outreach Foundation has been trying to get one of the peaks of Frenchman Mountain named after Ronald Reagan for years and has finally gotten Rep Joe Heck (R-NV) to write and pass a chunk of legislation okaying it.

Now it goes to the Democrat controlled Senate run by, you guessed it, Nevada's Harry Reid.  Given Reid's record of acting like a horse's ass can anyone guess whether Reid chooses partisanship over his home state?

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