Obama Fears DC Nuke More Than Putin

Obama says he fears a suitcase bomb going off in New York or DC more than he fears what Putin or Iran's Mullahs are up to, so what's going on? 

Live in DC or NYC? Then listen up.  You know, the kind of head between the knees and kiss your sweet ass good-bye kind-o-listening-up.  And lucky for you, there is - you guessed it - a study for that...

Lawrence Livermore Labs says,

1. The WORST thing you can do is get in a car and try to escape.

2. The BEST thing is to get inside a well-built apartment or office building, wait 60 minutes, walk (don't run) back to your house and stay there.

3. If your cell phone still works use it to find out whats going on.

4. Only a few thousand may die from the blast, if you aren't one of them do steps 1 thru 4, then skip to 5.

5. Penetrating trauma from broken glass is the most likely injury you will get so carry tweezers with you at all times.

There, feel better now?  If for once Obama gets this one thing right you're now officially prepared.  Pass this on then destroy your copy.

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