Five Gene Mutations To Pandemic

Nature's race to wipe out humans with an H5N1 flu got a boost last week when virologists figured out just five gene mutations are left before the killer becomes airborne.

The cry flu wolf scenarios are nothing new, and the countdown is admittedly ghoulish but is there any bigger story than the inevitable demise of half the world's population from a pandemic flu?

It's the ultimate rubber necking story where you, the reader get to imagine for a few seconds whether you'll be the 'lucky' one to survive the great death.

The H5N1 virus was altered and sprayed into a ferret's nose, then the animal was placed in a special air-flow controlled cage with another healthy ferret who had not been exposed. When the sick ferret infected the healthy ferret they knew the virus was airborne.  For now, only in the lab.

The extra tense bonus question remains - can H5N1 put the last five genes into place on it's own in some filthy corner of China where chickens hang plucked and bleeding in the open air, dripping with sinew and flies?

Between the US Dollar collapsing, a dirty bomb set off by a terrorist, a nuke exchange and this flu is there any wonder why no one is sleeping these days?

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