Gay Marriage? How About Triple Lesbian Marriage...

Are people already slipping on the slippery slope of the changing definition of marriage?

Wasting no time in taking advantage of gay marriage in Massachusetts lesbians Doll, Kitten and Brynn were walked down the aisle accompanied by their respective dads in a marriage-style ceremony last August - a first.

And as an extra bonus are already expecting a daughter in July. Kitten, 27, got pregnant after an injection of some-young-guys sperm (no. he's not Chinese).

The newlywedsss say they plan to have three kids in all - a matched set, one for each bride. Apparently Kitten has been tapped to birth them all, a division of labor as it were.

Ah, so you finally wondered; is it legal? Well, kinda, sorta pull-my-finger, catch-a-lesbian-by-the-toe, legal. While Brynn and Kitten are legally married, Doll is 'handfasted' (not handfisted) to the other married couple under a conract crafted by an attorney.

So the threesome are about as married to each other as a laughing, crying, peeing, pooping, sneezing fit. Oh brother!

Now before you suck down that first cup of coffee today try to wrap your head around the future divorce and custody hearings...

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