Paul Krugman Bashes Billionaires

Paul Robin Krugman proves the axiom that when one wanders off one's reservation one should remain silent or forever be judged a jackass.

And oh man when it comes to jackassery there are few equal to the pint-sized Princeton professor that could pass as a body double for the Travelocity gnome.

Krugman remains an enigma - an ignorable, stodgy left-wing toadie hell bent on insulting the country that birthed, nurtured, educated, fed and gave him his microphone.

The 'professor' ignores 'new money' and insist America has an oligarchy of wealthy. Calling the '1 percent' 'ugly' Krugman warns, “We’ve had a parade of billionaires whining about the incredible injustice that people are actually criticizing them. And then comparing anyone who criticizes them to the Nazis.”

Coincidentally just this week Krugman's 'boy' hosted the 'baby billionaire' of the left wing old money crowd - Rockefeller, Marriott and Hilton heirs. Officially these kids got the whitehouse invite allegedly to talk about the future of philanthropy but really Obama was doing a little party money whoring for future campaigns.  Carefully sidestepping the illegality of soliciting funds on federal property, of course.

Hypocrites like Krugman aren't talking about a billionaire's tax for Obama's billionaires kids.  Like the IRS targeting of conservative groups, certainly he means the tax would only apply to right-wing billionaires and their kids.