Burger King Has Camel Ride-Thru In Qatar

When in Rome or Qatar as the saying goes, do as the natives do.  So Burger King serves Whoppers at a camel ride-thru in Doha.

Hey, people don't wanna get off their camels anymore than a guy in Tokyo wants to get out of his Nissan Juke, or a guy in East LA wants to get out of his 57 Cheeby.

Hamad Al-Amari rode up to the order window on a camel he calls Jim . . . and ordered a Whopper with cheese, a mocha latte (or was it a bucket of Coke), and a basket of deep-fried scorpions (or was it big bag of fries).

The staff gleefully handed Hamad the food. Then Hamad steered Jim out of the parking lot and out into the dunes.

As rider and camel melted into the mirage of the desert noone could tell whether Hamad tossed a fry Jim's way or just hogged them all for himself.  Such is the plight of a camel.  Even one with a craving for fast food and a picnic blanket over his hump.

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