Woman Flames Tick Dog Explodes In Fireball

Getting ticks and fleas off a dog is messy.  First, locate the tick, light a stick match and blow it out, press the red-hot match-tip to the ticks ass, then pinch the blood-filled tick-butt with a pair of pliers and yank.

The match is needed because ya a got the tick's attention first.  Just yanking it out raw will leave behind the head leading to a bad infection and an unhappy canine.

Florida dog owner Telma Botcherby went the pesticide route with Ruby her pet, instead.  After dousing the dog Telma looked down at the floor and spotted one of the ticks running for cover.  She later told police she took out a cigarette lighter and tried to blow torch it before it got back on the dog.

Ruby got excited and ran over to check out the tick BBQ.  The fumes rolling off Ruby from the pesticide spray exploded in a fireball.

Temla's hubby grabbed the dog inferno and dove into the swimming pool.  The vet later noted the action saved the Ruby's life.  But Ruby suffered 2nd degree burns over 25% of her hairless body.  And has to stand-up to sleep now.

The lesson is simple.  Use the pliers and avoid the flammable poisons.  You're dog will sleep better.