Science: Shroud Of Turin Is Real, Again

The on again - off again authenticity chase surrounding the Shroud Of Turin is a two thousands year quest. 

In 1988 the Catholic Church gave science a chunk of the cloth to do carbon dating.  The tests suggested the relic was only 728 years old, and therefore a forgery.

Hang on Mordecai, there's more...Did you know there was a major earthquake in 33AD sometime just after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?  That part is science, not bibilical retelling.  

Okay, so what?

An Italian team at the Politecnico di Torino says the powerful magnitude 8.2 earthquake would have released neutron particles from crushed rock.  The neutrons may explain the X-ray-like image on the linen burial cloth due to a reaction with nitrogen nuclei say the scientists. 

More relevant the radiation emissions would have jammed the whole thing with carbon-14 isotopes. If true, the 1988 experiment would have been bogus.  The Shroud would indeed be placed at the time of Christ and not a forgery!

Mark Antonacci is president of the Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation and has petitioned Pope Francis to allow molecular analysis in order to verify the molecular theory.

Wuddya think?  Is the game back on?