Mom Subjects Son To Cruel Social Experiment

Without any science to back her assumptions 23-year-old Lisa Price is playing dice with her own son's psyche in a kind of cruel home-spun child-rearing experiment.

Lisa postulates, 'Gender stereotypes can be so damaging....they teach little boys to be aggressive and dominant over women... It's detrimental for them and for females'

Little one-year-old Max is led to his bedroom by mommy Lisa and comes out wearing a dark blue, knee-length dress decorated with pink flamingos.  Then Max starts to play with one of his many dolls pretending to take it for a walk.  At one point holding it to his chest pretending to breast feed the toy.

Lisa admits when people visit they react with shock. But Lisa is hellbent on raising her son in what she calls a 'gender neutral parenting' mode. ‘I hope that Max won’t get teased when he’s older. But part of what we are trying to do with Max is to instill such a sense of confidence, and a sense of who he is, that he won’t care what anyone else thinks.'

Lisa says her 'epiphany' to play with her sons development came a year ago when she took part in an online amateur discussion of high-profile rape cases. Her take-away? 'Gender stereotypes can be so damaging.'

Guess gender neutral means dressing a boy in girls clothes?  Lisa, you do know rape is about power and control, not sex or gender?  When Max grows up and figures out what you did what message do you think he will guess you sent?

Lisa also admits she knows Max will run into trouble showing up to school in girls clothing, so she says she's gonna home school him.  Max will benefit from the home schooling, but he probably can do without the jack-booted-feminist emasculation stripping him of his male inheritance.

Max has no say in the lunacy.  None of us gets to pick our parents, right?