Bushwacker Most Feared Bull In Rodeo

Meet the 1,700-pound American Bucking Bull Bushwacker crowned King of the Bulls.  The bull that everyone fears and no one can ride.

Bushwacker travels to work in a $50,000 trailer he bought himself. The big bovine was World Champion in 2010, 2011 and 2013 and was runner-up 2012.  And that's why a $25,000 bonus is needed to entice anyone to try before he parks his trailer for the last time.

Rodeos award points to both cowboy and bull.  Of 57 riders in five years just one stayed on.  'I was 10 feet tall and bulletproof when it was over,' crowed cowboy J B Mauney. 

Mauney says Bushwacker isn't tough because he's big and strong, a lotta bulls are bigger and stronger.  Nah, Bushwacker gets them off by being 'smart'  says Mauney.

Bushwacker starts by taking an 8-yard all air leap out of the chute then drops his double-half-ton frame down hard and starts to kick.  The combo is more than enough to send the most hardened cowpokes onto their asses.

Bushwacker is feared and respected for being the best and for being fair.  He never tries to stomp or gore them with a horn when they get bucked off. Gotta be glad for that!

Getting Bushwacker to play rodeo is a little tough because he can't stand people. . Still, he's a pro says owner Moreno, so he does what he does and then waits for trailer ride back home.