1 In 4 Americans Think Sun Orbits Earth

The National Science Foundation does an bi-annual survey to gauge the general level of science knowledge among a random group of 3000 people or so.

The questions are about as basic as possible and the results this time are unsurprising given the ponderous decline of public education in the USA.

Ten questions in the physical and biological sciences were on the quiz.  The average score was 6.5 - a farcical fat fail.  But that's not the worst part.

Just 74% knew the Earth revolved around the Sun.

Of course liberals will want to drive more money into the problem.  And the Democrats will once again try to blame 'backward right-wing bible thumpers' or Bush.  The answer of course is the exact opposite.

Liberal public education is a national disgrace.  US schools began the decline about the same time the Democrats cobbled together their War On Poverty.  Since 1964 the 50-year effort has resulted in record poverty and a colossal $7.2 trillion bucks of wasted spending. 

Einstein aptly once noted, one definition of 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'

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