Janet Napolitano's Fantasy To Skate At Sochi

Is it wrong to be shocked and disgusted at the notion having Janet Napolitano strap on a pair of skates and lumber out onto the ice at Sochi?

Napolitano took time off from her job as president of the University of California to replace Obama as the head of the US delegation at Sochi  Obama was sticking his thumb in Russia's eye not attending no doubt because the meek Barry feels justifiably overshadowed by a much more sophisticated and clever Vladimir Putin.

CNNs debate sabotager Cindy Crowley interviewed the former boss of Homeland Security on her return to California.   

CROWLEY: '...if you could...participate in any sport...at the Sochi Olympics, what would that be?'  NAPOLITANO: 'I have to say, when you see the figure skaters and the beauty of their performances, it does make one jealous.'

Yikes! Suppose Janet did somehow break loose from her moorings and manage to get out onto the ice?  The Russians would be forced to call-up one of their circus bears and send the creature out to complete the show.  

Betcha spectators would have trouble telling them apart.