Toughest Mother On Earth

Did you see the 100,000 people in DC yesterday marching against abortion?  Did you hear about it?  No.  Why? You know why - the secular pukes that pretend to be journalists agree with abortion.

Contrast the whining, sniveling, smarmy attitudes western women have toward kids with a family living in Northern India.

The expectant mom made a nine day forty-five mile trek at eleven thousand feet across frozen rivers and slippery rock in minus three degrees to get to the nearest hospital to birth her kid.

And then packed the newborn up and made the walk back a few days later.

Icelandic photographer Tom Vollmer was with friends up in the same mountains when he spotted the family. ‘For me its just incredible, how easy and how much help we get in the western world to give birth in comparison - when you saw this little child and baby, how cold they have been, what they have to do,’ Tom noted.

Life is a helluva lot cheaper in the USA, huh folks?  Wonder if Oprah will have this mom on for an interview?

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