Warning: Caramel Color Causes Cancer

Yet another cry wolf cancer scare?  Maybe.

For those hooked on colas and caramel colored soft drinks Consumer Reports says the concoctions with 4-methylimidazole will grow a tumor in your gut the size of a goiter.

Which begs the first question; how come the FDA or the CDC doesn't figure this stuff out first?

Then the second question; will an obese nation hooked on sugary drinks take the hint?  Nah - remember, everyone gets 'free' meds under Obamacare so let party like it's 1994 baby.

"...(4-methylimidazole) definitely causes cancer in animal studies. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has also classified 4-MEI as a possible human carcinogen,” Dr. Urvashi Rangan noted.

Sugary drinks are already a ticket to diabetes and obesity, but isn't it extra special that cancer can now be counted as a good reason to give up the crap?  Pepsi has more of it than Coke, and Malta Goya a Mexican soda has 300 micrograms of the toxin ready to take up residence in your liver.

Today it's a cold cool Pepsi on a hot summer's day...tomorrow it's a hot-shot of hair killing chemo in a cold intensive care ward.

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