Anti-Fracking Protestors Chained To Wrong Gas Pumps

Under Obama the EPA is the junkyard dog unchained.  Today we discovered the agency exchanging direct emails with the Sierra Club using them as proxies to screw with the Keyston Pipeline.

Despite the horrific over-reach to kill energy in the USA - oil production has reached levels finally freeing the country of Saudi oil. There's even enough extra to make cash selling supplies to the Chinese.

And the natural gas boom in the Dakotas is practically an 1849 California gold rush thanks to fracking. And man do the greenie goons hate fracking too.

Four members of an anti-fracking group in the UK were arrested after chaining and gluing themselves to gas pumps they thought were owned by the Total oil company they despise.

The problem?  The pumps they attached themselves to are owned by Certas Energy - a company not involved in fracking.

The owner of the gas station says he lost thousands of dollars in lost sales and has damage to his equipment thanks to the four morons now glued to bunks in a Brit jail somewhere.

What Is Fracking?