Smart Bra Detects True Love

The Japanese are disappearing because their young would rather stay inside and play video games than go out and find a suitable mate and start a family.  Technology is making them crazy.

So why not apply tech expertise to the unclasping of a bra?

Ravijour is the Japanese version of Victoria's Secret. The company just announced the “True Love Tester” bra which can only be undone by a person with the 'right' heart rate. The clasp on the bra sends a wireless message to a cell phone running an app that computes the heart rate of the 'grasper' thru their fingers.

Ravijour claims a particular heart rate over time indicates “love.” The bra doesn't just come off of course; the cups spring open like a pair of pop tarts flying out of a commercial toaster. All this happens when the 'right' guy with the 'right' heartbeat touches the thing.

Not gonna say it, you're just gonna have to use your own imagination on this one folks.

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