Magnetosphere Flip Overdue

The Earth is surrounded by a powerful magnetic field generated by the swirling action of the molten iron core in the middle of the planet.  Most know the magnetosphere is critical to life on Earth.  And it's about to flip - that is, reverse polarity.

Over the past 200 years the intensity of the magnetosphere has weakened by 15%.  The 'flip' happens pretty regularly, about every three to five hundred thousand years - regularly on a geologic time scale.  And once the flip starts it takes about a thousand years to complete the cycle.

So what?

Well, it won't be a mass extinction event.  Life on Earth has survived the flip in the past.  But mankind was barely out of the trees when the last flip occurred.

Skin cancer will be a growth industry.  There will be massive and months at a time disruption to the electric power grid, crazy northern lights crackling across the whole planet day and night, extreme weather resulting from increased cloud formation, and an enlargement of the polar ozone holes.  All topped off when the North magnetic pole becomes the South magnetic pole after years of playing musical chairs (see picture above).  So forget air and sea navigation.

Is all this really about to happen?  Uh huh. Like the Caldera under Yellowstone, a 6-mile wide iron asteroid impact, and a worldwide pandemic thanks to the viral incubators in Asia - the flip is overdue.

Ironically, while the Global Warming alarmists are busy competing for whose catastrophe is bigger, just about everything else is getting ready to take a dump on everyone's pizza.