Flatulent Cows Blow Up Barn

Ninety German diary cows were blissfully standing in puddles of their own pee munging on alfalfa piles huddled and out of the cold in a barn.  Then it happened...

All the chewing and mooing and anxious thoughts of eventually being herded outside were generating a lot of methane.  Suddenly a cowbell contacted a metal railing and the subsequent spark of static electric discharge sparked the foul-smelling cloud.

The cow's accumulated farts exploded like an M80 in a mailbox.  The fireball ripped through the wooden structure and liberated a large chunk of the roof.  All the windows went bye bye too.

The cows panicked and charged the barn door splintering it like box of toothpicks hitting a tiled floor. The barn was leveled yet miraculously just one cow was singed enough to require vet attention.

Which begs the question...who the hell leaves a hundred cows alone in a sealed barn full of farting bovines in the middle of winter and doesn't have the foresight to install a stout grounding rod?

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