Global Warming Goon To Camp On Ice Berg

The Flat Earth Society began in 1956 and still has followers.  Members insist the Earth is a flat disc and the Sun and Moon are just 3,000 miles spinning above.  All 'science' attempting to postulate otherwise is a 'hoax' and a conspiracy intended to deceive the 'unsophisticated.'

Sound familiar?  The same language is used by those who say mankind's industrial activity is affecting the atmosphere as if a gold fish bowl were surrounding the planet trapping heat.  The polar caps are alleged to be melting resulting in catastrophic and rising sea levels. Scientific evidence suggesting otherwise is ignored and deemed a 'conspiracy' by greedy capitalists.

Last month trapped scientists from Russia were on a mission to report on the decline of polar ice, but became trapped in the record ice flows instead.  The episode cast light on the folly of climate change fanatics.  And pissed off Italian self-hypnotist and global warming cultist Alex Bellini.

Bellini is jumping on a chunk of Arctic ice next year to 'prove' icebergs are melting. “For me it’s a time to act, I will be alone.” Not entirely alone; the ice rider will be visited by left-wing writers, bloggers, and other cultists who are signing up to form a team of virtual global warmingists to make sure the world pays attention to the lunatic.

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