Crest's Chocolate Toothpaste Debuts

Obesity is like an unstoppable rebel force so why not switch to chocolate toothpaste?

Procter & Gamble's line of Crest toothpaste called "Be" squeezes out flavors like Mint Chocolate, Vanilla and Lime.

How long do ya think before the NAACP accuses Crest of being racist?  You know, 'Be' dat chocolate toof paste, sistah.

Hey, everything's racist now-a-days didn't ya know?   After five years of race-guilting a new rule demands at least one black in each commerical.  Even sun tan lotion ads! 

Anyway, chocolate toothpaste is the last thing a ballooning bubble-butt America needs, but hey, that's never stopped companies from pumping out crap before - has it?

Wonder how long before Michelle Obama rails against the stuff?

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