Study: Liberals Out Booze Conservatives

Published in the Journal Of Wine Economics professors Pavel Yakovlev and Walter P. Guessford of Duquesne University say there's a direct correlation between political belief systems and the level of alcohol consumption.

Left wing dominated states like California drink three times more alcohol per head than the drinking in conservative states like Arkansas and Utah.  The study lines up with data collected comparing socialist countries with western democracies.  Socialists drink so much, so often, their countries also lead in liver cirrhosis and alcohol blindness.

So what's going on?  The professors have two theories.

Either liberals view boozing and drug taking as 'hip' and socially acceptable or liberals are so calloused they think they get away with the damage and be cared for by a government health-care program down the road.

Liberals are child-like, right down to the temper tantrums. LIbbies hate cigarettes because that's what grandpa smoked, but defend marijuana to the death because that's what THEY do.  Despite both plants leading to lung cancer.  When the piper comes for the check government-sugar-daddy will cover it.

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