Peeping Tom Captured By Topless Victim

Looks like Kohl's is the place to be this shopping season.

Jeanne Ouelette told the cops she was trying on bras in a Kohl's when she looked down and spotted a hand holding a cell phone under the partition. Giving no thought to her state of dress, she darted out of the cubicle with her 'girls' flying free intent on capturing both perp and phone.

“I followed him. I shouted, ‘Stop! Help me!’ I just screamed and chased him topless through the store,” Jeanne said. “...I was just enraged...and I wanted to get the phone.”

As perp and pursuer got to the front door, Jeanne realized the full extent of her exposure and stopped from going out into the parking lot - whew!

“At that point, I just started crying because I was so upset that he was getting away...”

The peeping Tom was 35-year-old Jeremy F. Bradley. He was arrested by the cops a few blocks away. Jeanne identified him and he was carted off to face charges for breach of privacy. 

Police officer Dan Friesen observed, “She definitely got the attention of other shoppers.”  It seems all Jeremy had to do was stand by the perfume counter and he would have gotten all the photos he could eat...

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