California Males Mimick Female Speech

Long suspected and now proven, males in California are mimicking the speech patterns and even shopping habits of flighty California females.

UC San Diego recorded the voices of twenty-four young SOCALs.  The twelve men in the group uptalked (raising pitch) like the women in the group - a speech tick first made famous in the movie 'Clueless.'

Uptalkers are stereotypically parodied as insecure, shallow and not very clever females as characterized by 'Cher Horowitz' played by Alicia Silverstone.

This is bad news for male job seekers coming out of California. Men are most successful speaking in clear, deeper tones.

Research at Duke University discovered men with lower voices make more money, run larger companies, and stay in their jobs longer. The assumption being lower pitched voices are linked to dominant behavior, because deep voices are related to high testosterone levels.

Even women who use the uptick speech pattern are generally worse off due to stereotyping.

So get back in there you metrosexual wussies and retrain your voices to be more natural. Your entire career could depend on it.