Bill Clinton Suckles Mandela

Bill and Hillary Clinton are headed to the big show in S. Africa.  The death of Mandela has been quickly co-opted by the same pernicious liberals who've been beating to death the race card and blacks in general for political power.

The GOP and conservatives are being fingered for labeling Mandela a 'terrorist.'  The problem?  Every administration since Gerald Ford had Mandela on the terror list, including Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. And Jimmy Carter's administration were best friends with all the world's worst African dictators.

Bill Clinton's brand new chance to foist himself upon us with his homespun-homily reminiscence of a bereft presidency has arrived with Mandela's death.  Still smarting over his impeachment, Bill spends most of his day these days expecting to get his record expunged.

So, Bill and Hillary are jetting off to the funeral.  And both want you to know that Mandela's death is really all about them and their incessant need to infect the rest of us with their ambitions.

Bill says Mandela taught him how to forgive the GOP for impeaching him. Bill conveniently forgets his troubles were self-inflicted.  And it appears Bill's still not above pushing his personal crap in front of someone else's death and legacy.

Well, some things don't change, right Billy baby?

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