American Paranoia Skyrockets

Voters bought the baloney Obama offered and now must dine on rancid baloney sandwiches from those two elections.  The old saw applies, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I'm a jackass.  Obama voters are jackasses.

The result of five years of lies, debt, poverty, job losses and arrogant posturing have once again wiped out morale - just like when Jimmy Carter was driving the country into double digit spirals of death. 

An AP-GfK poll conducted last month found Americans are looking at each other with record levels of disdain and distrust. Only a quarter say they trust a clerk to swipe their credit cards or expect drivers on the road to stay in their own lanes. And even fewer think honesty prevails in financial dealings.

Distrust encourages corruption and wipes out good-will and civility. Expecting others to cheat diverts energy and complicates relationships. People turn to lawyers, intermediaries and flee to gated communities.

Social scientist say the economy, foreign policy failures, and race rhetoric are largely to blame.

Poverty and job losses have hit blacks and Hispanics the most under Obama.  And whites have watched a shifting of wealth and opportunity under a president hell-bent on redefining what it means to live in America.

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