Topless Barber Arrested In Colorado

In the land of legalized pot and mass-killer-kids we have the cops raiding the house of a rogue barber - a topless one.

Suzette Hall, AKA Suzette Dawe, was taken into custody last night on suspicion of practicing barbering and cosmetology without a license and felony criminal impersonation.

The cops were tipped off by anonymous witnesses who tattled that Suzette opened a beauty salon called Rebel Beauty, and 'is charging $45 for topless haircuts and is advertising on Craigslist.' Suzette's business partner was never happy with the arrangement either saying she was 'not comfortable with this as she did not want to have topless haircuts in her business because she is a single mother and ... she did not believe this was safe or proper.'

According to the business partner, Suzette was also doing some after-hair-cut services at her house for those customers looking for a little more than a 'standard' haircut - wink-wing.

Suzette is no stranger to skirting the law. Hall has nine previous felony convictions, including several for identity theft, motor vehicle theft, felony theft, and possession of a weapon by a felon.

Looks like the guys in Loveland are gonna have to get boobs-and-a-haircut somewhere else now.  You know the economies gotta be rough when a prostitute can't just stand around on a street corner to make a living - these days she has to take a little off the top too.