Woman Stops Thief: 'Do You See How Big This Gun Is?'

Betty Collins of Toledo, OH heard a commotion by her front door and went outside to find 21-year old Thomas Lee Johnson "trying to steal one of the bikes chained to the porch."

Betty told the would-be-thief to get off her porch. He ignored her and started to pull on the chains on the bike even harder. So Betty went inside to see if her boyfriend would come out and try to make a bigger impression on Thomas.

But the boyfriend didn't impress Thomas either. So, Betty pulled her .357 magnum out and commanded Thomas to get on the ground to wait for the cops. After Thomas ignored even the gun she said, "I'm not joking. Do you see how big this gun is? It's fully loaded."

Suddenly Thomas got the message and got on the ground. Betty kept the large handgun trained on Thomas until the cops finally showed up.

Betty's no stranger to this scenario, she's had to do it before. But she'd rather just be left alone.