Obama Plays Politics Of Pain

Obama has no real accomplishment so the next best thing for him, he thinks, is to be as destructive, bullying, nasty and mean-spirited as possible.

The shutdown that's not really a shutdown is being used by Obama to further tear down the country.

Though there is no budget, nor funding from congress, Obama found enough cash to bring back rangers to block WWII vets from their memorial, to keep the IRS open for tax collection but not refunds, to close down privately funded landmarks, to keep Catholic priests from offering mass to the troops (volunteers), to keep money flowing to Planned Parenthood for abortions, to keep himself and congress in a paycheck yet remain exempted from having to sign-up to Obamacare,  and to refuse to fund cancer programs for sick kids.

Anything else?  Oh yea, yesterday Obama closed the ocean!

The National Park Service told charter and fishing boats in Florida that the Florida Bay was "closed" due to the shutdown and until government funding is restored.  The Park Service deployed rangers to police the ban at a cost exceeding normal operations.

Yet, Nancy Pelosi and her gang of 10,000 illegals were pooping all over the capital mall grinning, and giggling, and breaking the law - no problem man, it's Democrats.

The GOP offered a half dozen compromises.  But, like Hitler in his bunker, Obama is choosing to slash and burn to the end.  Why?  Because that's just how Obama rolls, folks.

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