American Flag Gets Seniors Suspended

Superintendent Karsten Anderson at Red Wing High School in Red Wing, Mn seems to be infected with the anti-American liberal gene. She just suspended twelve students decorating the school with the American flag.

Red Wing didn't allow students to observe a moment of silence or gesture of observance last September on the anniversary of 9-11 - though the school had done so in years past.

Some of the more patriotic students were unhappy.  At least one high school senior, Bryce Reps who is also on his way to joining the Air Force wanted to do a little make-up for that hole in the schools pride.

So when Homecoming Week arrived a dozen students got going putting out the American Flag and painting the flag on windows with water-soluable and erasable paint.

“My last day of school was yesterday,” Reps said.  The decorating is nothing more than a senior prank, but unlike juvenile narcissistic destruction, or getting boozed up, these students were righting the wrong that happened last month when the school ignored the fallen heroes on 9-11..

Karsten Anderson should be ashamed for being unable  to tell the difference.

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