New York City Obesity Up 25%

Ever notice liberals love to lecture others on lifestyle, behavior, health, and climate change yet seem to pick poorly in all those areas for themselves?

Sorta like yo-yo-ing Oprah, the carbon-burning blimp Al Gore, or the grand poo-bah of libbie hypocrisy Michael Moore.

New York City is infested with such hypocrites.  Remember, New York is run by nanny Michael Bloomberg whose lunacy over fast food, gun control, and flatulency policy have set a new standard for gonzo-governance.

So it's extra special Bloomberg's futile assumptions have resullted in a hefty 25% fat-body explosion!

Not that the goons in New York haven't reduced their visits to McDonald's or plied themselves off the couch. For example, the intake rate of a sugar-sweetened drink a day dropped to 28% last year from 36% in 2007.  New Yorker's are also loading up on exercise and veggies.

But none of it's dented the rolling thunder-thighs wandering urban canyons near Times Square.  Oh sure, they rationalize the failure just like they make excuses why global warming turned into global cooling despite daily doomsday predictions.  

Liberals never get anything right, yet insist they're always right.  See a pattern now?

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