Ink Pen Cutlery Keeps You At Your Desk

Desk jockey's just got another reason to keep their fat-asses planted in front of their desks.  Having to get up and go to lunch  has always been too much work - and so the mother of invention is stepping in to do something about it.

Pen toppers that turn pens into forks, knives and spoons have arrived. The desk cutlery set comes from the Fred and Friends store on Amazon. You don't even have to leave your desk to order the $8.49 set online, in fact you don't even have to Google the link - here it is.

The makers motto? 'Our Dine Ink Utensil Set is pencap cutlery for the cubicle captive.'

Did you hear that? You're a cubicle captive, a chair-bound chump, a toadie too lazy to get up and get yourself a plastic spoon from the snack room.

Customers are happy to report the little toppers are sturdy enough to pickup even the most dense dollops of droppings dragged to work.  Some even asked for a CPR attachment for when their heart attack comes.

You do know you still have to get up and go to the snack room anyway, right? Well, ya gonna lick 'em clean?