Dare To Take The Geek, Nerd Test

A Morton's Fork is repugnant choice like cutting off a finger, or cutting off a toe..

Software engineer Burr Settles studied 2.6 million tweets divining the code-phrases and key-words geeks and nerds use. Settles devised a mathematical equation to predict what words would be found in geek's tweet, or a nerd's tweet.

Settles settled on a graph of the nerd-geek vocabulary world. The graph shows the nerdy subjects revolved around the words 'cellist', 'neuroscience', 'goths' and 'gamer.'  While geeks gravitated toward words like, 'culture', 'shiny' 'trendy' and 'webcomic'.

After pondering the results Settles concludes, 'In broad strokes, it seems to me that geeky words are more about stuff, while nerdy words are more about ideas.'

For completeness the Oxford Dictionary defines a geek as 'unfashionable or socially inept'. And nerds as 'a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.'

Either way, you get Morton's fork stuck in your butt and end up sitting alone or with others like you not getting laid or getting invited to parties.

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