Study: Post Baby Boom Males Boring And Lazy

You a guy born after 1970?  A new study, and there are always new studies, points fingers at you and your brothers as the laziest, most boring, and least risk taking than all other generations of western males.

Dr Kate Cross of the University of St Andrews did the study which says young men have lost the spark for thrill-seeking, physical sports, and taking risks. As late as the 70s 48% of males were off the couch, today it's less than 28%.  Worse still?  Women are increasing their appetite for active, hard-charging zest and zeal.

‘The decline in the sex difference in thrill and adventure-seeking scores could reflect declines in average fitness levels, which might have reduced people’s interest in physically challenging activities,’ Cross says.

In plain-speak, young guys are shrinking from their role as males and spending a lot more time sitting in a chair shoving beer and chips down their gullets - and it's turning them into amorphous herds of limp-dicks.

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