Arctic Ice Shrink Suddenly Reverses

Just when things seemed warm and cozy for the Global Warming cult over the shrinking Arctic Ice Cap the Earth takes a u-turn. 

The BBC was so sure they had the Arctic retreat figured out they predicted a tropical return of trees and warm-weather species in the Arctic by 2020. 

A record cold Arctic summer has frozen a million more square miles of ocean more than at the same time last year – an increase of 60%.

Legitimate climate scientists say a period of cooling underway until at least the middle of this century – a process that cripples climate alarmist computer forecasts.

And few are more upset about the cooling than the UN.

The 'pause' in warming noticed about a year ago is now amplified by the return of the Arctic ice sheet.  So the UN’s climate change body now has to hustle to hold a crisis meeting.  You see, the UN has a lot of warm money at stake and all of this fuss and fact about cooling comes at a bad time for them.

Anyone care?