Black Jobless Rate Jumps To 13%

The real jobless rate takes into account the 91 million people that are not longer 'part of the workforce.'  But that's not how the Labor Department computers it.

The last time nearly half of all working age blacks were this poor, this jobless, this pissied off over race and the degradation of their homes and families was during Jim Crow.  At least when they were slaves they all had a job, food, housing, and relatively low crime.  Slavery is a bitch, true, but so is poverty.

Black 'official' black jobles rate is 13%.  Far higher than the white jobless rate of 4.5%. And black homeownership at an eighteen year low - despite getting all those subprime houses.

After five years of Obama, fifty years cradled in a War on Poverty, and trillions of taxpayer dollars wasted, by every relevant economic measurement, the gap between whites and blacks has never been as wide.

Depite 98% of them voting for Obama, Blacks are getting pimped by Obama.